Clear Innovation Partners
An Innovation and Entrepreneurship Support Organization
Clear Innovation Partners (Clear) is an entrepreneurship and innovation development firm that supports early stage ventures with CXO and other senior management services.  Clear's Founder and President is Michael Gurau, a venture capital fund manager and entrepreneur.  Michael is managing through the harvest period of a 2003-vintage early stage fund based in Maine and is concurrently serving in roles as Chief Financial Officer, Corporate Development and Marketing for Nanocomp Technologies, a NH-based advanced materials company.  From 2004-2011, Michael was a regular (by-lined) columnist covering small business, venture capital and cluster development in New England.  Prior to 2003, Michael worked for ten  years in various roles (finance, marketing, and general management) early and development stage venture-backed companies as well as a new ventures within larger companies.

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Michael Gurau, President



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